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Vinicunca US / Payment Methods

Dear client, in order to confirm your reservation it is necessary to send us, in advance, 50% of the tour price, which must be done through any of our four payment methods: Paypal, Visa, Western Union, Money gram, Bank Transfer. Please, choose the most convenient method for you.

Upon confirming your reservation, you assume to be consistent to the politics and terms & conditions of the Company. We ask you to read our politics and terms & conditions.

I.- Payment Through Paypal

  • You must agree to the 6.9% of the value to be sent. (bank commission for payments through PAYPAL.
  • We kindly ask you to press the “update” bottom below the amount field in order to make the payment.
  • Once the payment is made we will send you the confirmation email.

PayPal – The easiest and safest way to pay online!

II. – Payment Through Visa

  • You agree with the 8% of the amount to be sent (bank commission for payments with VISA. The amount will adjust automatically).
  • Once we receive all the requirements we will proceed with the reservation and will confirm it to you.

III. – Payment Through Western Union

The money transfer shall be done though Banco do Brasil on behalf of our manager. It cannot be sent with a different name. Please, check on www.westernunion.com the nearest branch to do the payment on behalf of:

  • Name: Claver
  • Last name: Ponce de Leon Huaman
  • Address: Avenida Sol 948 Inside 324
  • City: Cusco
  • Country: Peru

After making the deposit, the transfer number will be given, MTCN: Transfer Control Number (Money Transfer Control Number).

Please, write us an email with the number indicated in MTCN and the amount of the payment.

IV. – Payment Through Money Gram

The payment shall be transferred to our manager. Do not send it to somebody else´s name.

Please, check on this internet address: www.moneygram.com the nearest branch in order to do the payment on behalf of:

  • Name: Claver
  • Last name: Ponce de Leon Huaman
  • ID: 41759700
  • Address: Av. sol 948 inside 324
  • City: Cusco
  • Country: Peru

V. – Payment Through Bank Transfer Interbank Peru

You agree with the 9% of the amount to be sent (bank commission).

  • Account Number: 420-300106431-0
  • Swift Code: BINPPEPL

Please, send us an email with the reference voucher.