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Policy, Terms and Conditions - Vinicunca US
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Vinicunca US / Policy, Terms and Conditions

It is important to mention that to achieve a friendly relationship between PERU GRAND TRAVEL and our tourist, it is essential for us to take into account and accept the policies, terms, and conditions of the services we offer, and because of that, we ask that you please carefully read each item described below:

I. The significance of traveling to Perú

To travel to Peru and Bolivia requires patience, flexibility, empathy, good humor, and adaptation to the untimely changes and climatic structure in which could present to you during your stay in the country (situations in the acts of God).

II. Regarding inevitable events

These are situations or events that we might encounter but are unable to foresee or avoid. These include such events as wars or threats, disturbances or protests, civil disturbances, labor disputes, diseases, disasters, adverse meteorological conditions, fires or all other similar events that are out of our control.

When you are making a reservation, for whichever of our adventure trips (Inca Trail, Salkantay, Ausangate, Choquequirao, Inca Jungle, Lares, etc.) or our traditional tours (Machu Picchu one, two, three, etc), the traveler takes full responsibility for the risks that are involved in taking part in these trips. The agency will not be responsible in respect to events that could occur during the journey of the tour, either by negligence of the tourist or by any events that could be out of our reach or control.

Specific details are carefully laid out and elaborated for you, regarding the tour package you are purchasing, before you take part in it.

These can be modified without previous notice, in accordance with circumstances that are out of our control like natural disasters or inevitable situations (strikes, protests, boycotts, etc.). We will make sure that these modifications don’t harm the integrity and security of our travelers, according to the established law of 29408, which is the general tourism law, found practiced in our country.

PERU GRAND TRAVEL will not be responsible over such events and reserves the right to modify, postpone, as well as cancel a tourist’s trip (this being the last option of course).

Regarding your confirmed reservation

Once the reservation is confirmed with whichever tour you are taking part in, you will need to make the 50% deposit of the total cost of the tour, quoted in US dollars. The payment needs to be made through any of our payment options. The remaining 50% will need to be paid at least 48 hours before the beginning of the tour in our office or at our hotel. In case the final payment isn’t made, PERU GRAND TRAVEL has the power to cancel the tour without any previous notice and take legal against with the appropriate authorities for harm and damages, according to the set Peruvian civil code of Art. 1331 in accordance with Art. 1341 of the same legal body. It is important to point out that all transaction costs are covered by the client, and are not included in our tour prices.

I. Regarding the type of exchange rates

The kinds of exchange rates we use are part of the policies of PERU GRAND TRAVEL, and will be executed in the following way:

  • From American dollars to Peruvian soles
  • If you would like to pay in soles, the exchange rate will be 1 US dollar = 2.90 Peruvian soles
  • From euros to Peruvian soles or American dollars
  • If you would like to pay in euros, the exchange rate will be 1 euro = 3 Peruvian soles or 1 euro = 1.2 American dollars.
  • The exchange rate mentioned will be subject to the increase and/or decrease of each currency.

PERU GRAND TRAVEL will only accept the remaining balance in cash. We reserve the right to cancel the tour if the payment has not been made by the time of the set date or if you haven’t informed us beforehand about your delay in arriving to Cusco.

IV. Regarding your documentation

It is a requirement to carry your personal identification with you such as a passport or visa, if it is the case that you need one, VALID before the start of the tour. In case you don’t have the actual document with you on hand, PERU GRAND TRAVEL will allow the right to cancel the tour and will not charge the tourist any previously made payment. (In case of any negligence made by the tourist, responsibility will be taken upon the traveler for any acquired charges by the modification or alteration of your reservation).

It is important that you send your required information to make the reservation such as your passport number, which must be valid. Take into account that the authorities that regulate your entrance to the main tourist attractions in Peru and Bolivia are very strict in terms of admittance into the different tourist attractions.

The ISIC card (if applicable) also needs to be valid and needs to be presented at the time of making the reservation (scanned and sent by email), and at the beginning of each tour, such as your identification (DNI or passport) which you used to make the reservation with (originals).

V. Regarding the loss of belongings

During your trip or excursion PERU GRAND TRAVEL will not be held responsible for the loss of your belongings, being victim to theft or any damage to your luggage. To avoid this, we highly request that you pay close attention to all of your belongings during the excursions or trips that our company offers.

VI. Regarding cancellations, refunds and reimbursements

Individual travelers and travelers travelling in groups

In the case of the Traditional Inca Trail

Once you have confirmed your trip by paying the 50% deposit, there will be no refund or reimbursement because of the requirements of this particular trip. Spots are limited on the Inca Trail.

In the case of the other traditional tours and adventure tours

If a cancellation request is received 90 days before the start date of the tour, the refund or reimbursement will be subject to a penalty of 15% of the total amount sent for administrative costs apart from the financial costs associated with the bank transfer, commission of credit cards, and some other expenses and/or costs associated with the refund. If a cancellation request is received before 45 days of the start of the tour, the refund or reimbursement will be subject to a charge of 35% of the cancellation fees, apart from the associated financial expenses of the cost of the bank transfer, commission of credit cards and other expenses and/or associated costs for the refund. If a cancellation is received between 20 and 35 days before the start date of the tour, the refund or reimbursement will be subject to a charge of 100% of the cancellation fees, apart from the associated financial expenses to the cost of the bank transfer, commission of credit cards and any other expenses and/or associated cost of the refund. You also cannot receive a refund if you are absent from your tour or in the process of cancelling during the trip. There is no reimbursement or refund for portions of tourist packages or unused sojourns.

In the case of the cancellation of already issued tourist packages that include hotel services, bus and or train services, you will not receive a refund or reimbursement for any of these services.

Some services can be interrupted or can be cancelled according to climatic conditions, acts of God, disturbances, etc. or other things out of the control of the hotels, airlines, other providers or of the same agency. No refund or reimbursement will be granted as a result of these interruptions or cancellations beyond our control.

During the high season, our company reserves the right to change our cancellation policy, if our providers apply different penalties to those listed above, according to the Art. 1277, which is provided in the Active Peruvian Civil Code.

VII. Regarding pick ups

The time of pick up will be determined in the schedule. The tourist needs to be ready and waiting in the hotel lobby. If you are not ready at the time of departure, the agency will not be responsible for delays and/or being left behind by your transportation, as this is on a set schedule.

If we find the tourist in an intoxicated state, the agency has the right to cancel the tour and won’t reimburse the payment of the service.

VIII. Regarding the hotels

The company reserves the right to substitute hotels of the same category in the tourist packages that are offered. This is because PERU GRAND TRAVEL is subject to hotel availability in Peru and Bolivia according to the act of Art. 1277 of the Active Peruvian Civil Code.

IX. Regarding adventure tours without camping

Due to adventure tours taking place in rural places, where the tourist infrastructure is not some of the best, PERU GRAND TRAVEL will offer the traveler 1 to 4 nights of accommodation, according to the type of trip they have chosen. The lodgings will be basic (according to the type of program and accommodation required). Consequently, the traveler needs to take the necessary amount of time, keeping in mind the needs of other fellow travelers with them on the expedition, except if the tour is private. The traveler shall abide by the provisions of their lodging, according to what the guide instructs you to do.

X. Regarding the Inca Trail

The Inca Trail is considered to be within the main route of adventure tourism, but there are also governmental restrictions with the motive to maintain and protect what is necessary, taking into account the following conditions:
Reservations are to be made before consulting with us about the availability of spaces for the probable start date of your tour.
The entry ticket to the network of the Inca Trails includes access to Machupicchu, which is considered private and non-transferrable, and is only valid for specified dates. So that you know, you need to present your entry ticket, your passport and/or personal identification card, and your updated ISIC card, if you are eligible for a student discount.

Annulments and cancellations are accepted, but we aren’t able to monetarily reimburse you (according to regulations from the governmental entity). They can be expressed by telephone, e-mail or directly in our office. Our company will try to accommodate your request only if your entrance into Machu Picchu is possible for the scheduled day of arrival so that we can provide your return train ticket on the date initially provided. This also applies to the tourist being absent at the beginning of the service.

XI. Conditions during the trek

The treks take place on the planned times and dates.

The agency is not responsible for any type of delay or change in the program that could occur during the treks, such as climatic factors, landslides, strikes, mobilizations, or other occurrences that can alter the itinerary of your trip or the set times of departure.

XII. Regarding modifications

The company reserves the right to modify whatever facilities, services, or prices described on the web page. If any of this happens to change, the client will be informed at the time of making the reservation or when making a change. While the company will strive to carry out each tour, it is worth mentioning that the declared changes in the itinerary will be made when we consider that it is necessary or convenient for the company, due to external causes that the company is not responsible for. We make sure we take good care of the well being of the tourist at all times. Art. 1277 of the Active Peruvian Civil Code.

XIII. Responsible clients

The agency is not responsible nor doesn’t assume any obligation for accidents, damages, illnesses, deaths, or delays that could occur during the trip. Aggressive attitudes towards your peers, nor do we assume any responsibility for inevitable accidents, strikes, weather conditions, earthquakes, political situations, etc. that force cancellations, changes, delays, etc. The client has to accept the responsibility of all extra expenses that were caused by this situation.

The agency is also not responsible for missed flights, lodgings or trips due to reasons that have already been previously mentioned.
The agency reserves the right to cancel or modify the planned itinerary when you take into account that it is for a better improvement of services and/or for the traveler’s security.

It is the responsibility of the travelers to keep their appropriate documentation with them like passports, visas, travel insurance, vaccines, etc. PERU GRAND TRAVEL will not be held responsible for any delays or extra charges due to possessing the wrong documents, expired documents, or the lack of documents for your trip.

XIV. Our responsibilities

PERU GRAND TRAVEL promises to provide services according to the needs of the tourist (private or shared), as well as the quality thereof. At all times, PERU GRAND TRAVEL offers higher quality service in accordance with the set requirements in Art. 28 of the regulation of the general law of tourism, number 29408.

Reservations are accepted before understanding the possible inherent risks on the traditional and adventure tours that appear in our programs. It is also important to understand that the most meticulous of organizations encounter imperfections caused by factors that are not within our reach.

The company is obligated to offer its services with the necessary procedures. For the whole trip to go perfectly well, we will make sure that we attend to you the best we can.

XV. Regarding people under age

In all of our programs, unless otherwise indicated, the maximum age of a child is between 11 years and 11 months. Children over the age of 12 are considered adults and will be subject to adult prices.

XVI. Regarding health insurance

Before participating in any of our trips, we recommend that you obtain health insurance that can cover accidents, medical expenses, and repatriation emergencies including aerial rescue or aerial ambulance.

We also recommend that you include in your insurance, cancellations of your tour due to such incidents as lost luggage. You can send us a scanned copy of your insurance policy to our email or make sure a family member or good friend has a copy of it.


In order for this current contract to be in full compliance of the contracting parties, and with the purpose of giving the traveler the maximum amount of legal security while staying in Peru, we will manage to make known all the required legal components by our legislation.

  • A.- Political Constitution of Peru of 1993
  • B.- Law 29408 general tourism law
  • C.-Active Civil Peruvian Code of 1984


We carefully suggest that you acclimatize yourself or spend a little bit of time at high altitude (3000 meters on top, in Cusco or other city of high altitude) for 2 or 3 days (average) before starting out on your tour. This is to minimize the possible effects caused by the height. You can also help your body out by acclimatizing yourself by drinking lots of liquids, adding a little more sugar to your drinks, eating delicious foods with carbohydrates, avoiding tobacco and alcohol, and by drinking coca tea (an ancient traditional leaf).

We recommend that you inform us about any allergies, illnesses, traveler requirements, characteristics of each traveler, food preferences, etc.

Please consult your doctor regarding any prescriptions of any additional medicine you will need.

By confirming your reservation with us, you will be completely accepting our policies, terms, and conditions.